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Art Docent Lessons

The art docent programs at Yulupa and Strawberry schools offer grade level curriculum-related art lessons led by parent volunteers. This program relies on BVEF donated funds for arts supplies, and especially the generous donation of time by parents who volunteer to assist with lessons. A big thank you to all who can and who do volunteer!

The art docent program is a fun way to spend time in you own child’s classroom, or to help out in another classroom, in a way that you and the kids will love. We want to make this as easy and enjoyable as possible for our awesome docents. We hope that the links to the lesson plans and videos provided below will help you prepare in advance so that you can arrive feeling ready to inspire (and be inspired by) our eager young artists.

Training videos for all art docent lessons are available to view our YouTube channel: BVUSD Art Docent Lessons.

TK Lesson:

Patterns in Nature (Stamp Art) and to view the video: (YouTube Patterns in Nature)

Kindergarten Lessons:

White Rabbit’s Magic Colors and to view the video: (YouTube White Rabbit’s Magic Colors)

Carle’s Collage and to view the video: (YouTube Carle’s Collage)

Grade 1 Lessons:

Foreground Background and to view the video: (YouTube Foreground Background)

Creature Collage (adapted from “In the Jungle”) and to view the video: (YouTube Creature Collage)

Grade 2 Lessons:

Picasso Faces in the Mirror and to view the video: (YouTube Faces in the Mirror)

Watercolor Flowers and to view the video: (YouTube Watercolor Flowers)

Grade 3 Lessons:

Winter Woods and to view the video: (YouTube Winter Woods)

Magic Blossoms and to view the video: (YouTube Magic Blossoms)

Grade 4 Lessons:

See Shells and to view the video: (YouTube See Shells)

Rain Forest Toucan and to view the video: (YouTube Rain Forest Toucans)

Mexican Bark Art and to view the video: (YouTube Mexican Bark Art parts 1 & 2)

Grade 5 Lessons:

Bicycle Art and to view the video: (YouTube Bicycle Art)

Monet Flower Impressions and to view the video: (YouTube Flower Impressions)

Watercolor Trees and to view the video: (YouTube Watercolor Trees)

Grade 6 Lessons:

Heads and Faces and to view the video: (YouTube Heads and Faces)

Watercolor Still Life and to view the video: (YouTube Watercolor Still Life)

Seurat Pointillism and to view the video: (YouTube Pointillism)