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Contribution to the Arts

The fall Contribution to the Arts campaign is the main fundraising campaign for BVEF. 100% of the donations go to the art, music and dance programs and instructors’ salaries at Yulupa and Strawberry schools. While many local districts have cut these programs from their curriculum, Bennett Valley continues to offer instruction in these important areas for all students thanks to your financial support. 

Each district family is asked to support these programs by contributing $100 per child or $175 per family (if more than one student in the district) — however, any amount helps.  See the list of programs below your student will receive for the 2023-24 school year.

Suggested donation

$100 per child or $175 per family (2+ students in the district)

Note: Our tax ID is 68-0286878. Gifts to BVEF, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, are typically tax-deductible, but check with your tax professional.

2023-24 programs you are supporting:

Every student in the district will receive the following enriched arts curriculum during the regular school day unless otherwise noted.

Dance lessons (TK-6)
10 weeks of dance lessons with dance instructor Tina Malone. Students learn to express themselves through dance, enjoy dance as exercise and appreciate the origins of the dances they perform.  

Art appreciation (TK-6)
10 hands-on art lessons led by a professional artist-in-residence and tailored to the abilities of each grade level. Lessons highlight the importance of art history and allow students to express themselves using a variety of techniques.   

Art docent lessons (TK-6)
Led by parent volunteers, these grade-level, curriculum-related art lessons are planned for Spring 2022. BVEF provides all the supplies for the lessons in addition to instructional resources for parent volunteers.  

Music Appreciation (TK-6)
Each classroom will participate in a series of interactive music classes that will introduce students to a variety of musical styles and instruments while teaching music fundamentals. 

Gleeagles chorus (4-6)
Strawberry’s popular choral music program introduces students to choral music, rounds, beginning harmonies and singing (both accompanied and a Capella). This is an optional program offered after school.

Band Program (4-6)
The beginning and advanced band program at Strawberry teaches students to read music and play their instrument independently and with fellow musicians. No experience is necessary and instruments are provided by BVEF. This is an optional program offered after school. Learn more

Community events (TK-6)
Each year BVEF hosts events for all district families to promote community building and appreciation of the arts. Previous events have included outdoor movie night, tile decorating, and the Parade o’ Pumpkins art walk.