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2022-23 Advanced Band Enrollment

We offer two different band programs for students at Strawberry Elementary: Beginning Band and Advanced Band.

The Bennett Valley Union School District advanced band program, sponsored by the Bennett Valley Education Foundation, is open for registration for the 2022-2023 school year. This program is open to 5th and 6th graders at Strawberry school with previous band experience.

Strawberry’s advanced band program is led by professional musician Sara Williams, who is also the Band Director at Herbert Slater Middle School. The program teaches students to read music and play their instrument both independently and with fellow musicians in concert performances.

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Fees & Schedule

With your own instrument: registration donation request is $225.

With a district instrument: registration donation request is $285 to help with costs relating to cleaning, adjusting, and repairing of school instruments. 

The cost of any caps, t-shirts, etc. for the annual parade appearance are not included in this donation request.

Advanced band meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school, starting on Tuesday, August 16th.

Distribution of District Instruments:

If a student has his/her own instrument, they will be ready to go once registration is complete. If an instrument is needed, the District has over sixty instruments available for loan for the year. Distribution of district-owned instruments is determined on a first-come, first-served basis to registered students. Please complete the below form, including your full donation for the program and the instrument preference. If we run out of the particular instrument your child prefers, you may rent or purchase an instrument elsewhere, borrow one from a relative, or your child may select a different instrument from those district-owned instruments still available. The instrument maintenance and cleaning donation is for district-owned instruments which we loan to students. (Any costs of additional repairs beyond normal maintenance which may be needed due to negligence will be charged to the parents.)  If your child chooses to play trombone or baritone, the instrument donation will not be requested (unless the child changes instruments after beginning).

Instruments will be checked out by the band instructor at the beginning of the school year—dates and times to be announced after school has begun. 

We think you will agree that the lessons with our instructors are worth more than the modest cost of the donation request!

Please direct questions to Strawberry Principal Josh Wilson at : 

BVUSD Instrumental Music Program–Sponsored by YOU, the parents and by:
The Bennett Valley Education Foundation