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Valentine’s Postcard Addresses

Bringing arts education to Bennett Valley schools takes our entire community! To that end, soon your child will be doing an in-class art project to decorate/design/color Valentine’s Day postcards for BVEF’s “Have a heart for the arts” campaign.

As having the children hand-address postcards themselves poses some challenges, we’re asking you to provide postcard recipient information here so it can be pre-applied to the postcards that will go out.

Please provide the name and mailing address of two friends, grandparents, relatives, or co-workers who you think might be happy to receive a personalized piece of art from your child, and who may be inclined to respond with a donation to the Bennett Valley Education Foundation (BVEF).

Note: BVEF will not retain this information for anything other than this activity; the only thing that will ever be sent to these addresses is the postcard!

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