Multicultural Music, Movement, and Dance at Yulupa with Tina Rogers: A Sonoma County native, Tina, earned experience and acclaim in music, street dance, and athletics at an early age. At UC Davis, she honed her passion for the arts and fitness, and is today a master teacher using multicultural music and dance to teach the “whole child.” In addition to her in-school teaching residencies, Tina leads a Hip Hop Culture lifestyle consisting of dance and rap battles, choreography, and performances and teaching in multiple venues. For years, Ms. Tina has also donated her time to lead BVEF’s popular “Family Dance Night.”

Multicultural Music, Movement, and Dance at Strawberry with Tina Malone: Earnestine (Tina) Malone has been dancing for 30+ years and teaching dance for 19 years. Her childhood dreams of following her uncle’s footsteps as a Broadway dancer and choreographer led her to launch M. Studio Dance Company in 2010 and after school program “KidzGroove” in 2011. At Strawberry School, Tina teaches students to express themselves with dance, enjoy dance as exercise, and appreciate the origins of the dances they perform. Students establish a cultural connection to each grade level’s history curriculum.