Band, Chorus, and Music Appreciation

Thanks to the support of the community, BVUSD boasts incredible music programs that includes a marching band and chorus.

First-Year & Advanced Band Programs: Strawberry’s band programs are led by professional musician, Jim Passarell, who plays virtually every instrument you can think of. These programs teach students to read music and play their instrument independently and with fellow musicians in both concert performances and as a marching band in the Rose Parade. Band and Percussion (see below) Programs are open to all students. Practices are held in the mornings before the start of the school day.

Percussion: Patrick O’Connell is a noted percussionist who has performed for three U.S. Presidents! His program is a specialty for our district. Students learn to read music, rhythm, proper technique, and to play with other musicians. Drummers are included in the band for all concerts and events.

Music Appreciation: For the 2020-2021 school year we will continue to offer a curriculum that creatively engages students through music, enabling them to gain an appreciation for music theory, musical history, world music, rhythm, singing, and the performing arts.

Strawberry Gleeagles (Chorus): Strawberry’s very popular choral music program introduces students to choral music, rounds, beginning harmonies and singing both accompanied and a Capella. Open to all students, the Gleeagles practice on Wednesdays.

To register for band or for the Gleeagles choir, you must submit completed registration paperwork online. Payment may be made via PayPal.

Click here to register for band and/or chorus for fall 2020!