Art Program

BVUSD is very fortunate to have a very rich art program that includes not only a volunteer-led docent program but also our very own artists-in-residence in Nancy Ricciardi at Yulupa, and Cory Hakola at Strawberry.

Nancy and Cory teach fun and creative projects that help our children to work with and appreciate multiple mediums and forms of expression. Some of these efforts result in the incredible items that can be seen (and bid on) at the Valley of the Arts event in the Spring.

The art docent programs at Yulupa and Strawberry schools offer grade level curriculum-related art lessons led by parent volunteers.

This program is reliant not only on BVEF for provision of the arts supplies but mainly upon the generous donation of time by parents in each classroom who volunteer for a lesson. A big thank you to all who can and who do volunteer!

Click here for art docent lessons.

Click here for the Strawberry and Yulupa art docent lesson schedules.