About BVEF

The Bennett Valley Education Foundation (BVEF or Foundation) was established in 1992 as a California non-profit tax exempt corporation and is legally and financially separate from the school district.  At that time, state budget cuts and education cuts resulted in school curriculum cuts and more were expected.  In the summer of that year, a group of concerned parents took action to form an ad hoc committee and the roots of the organization were born. Since that time and, through the efforts and with the suppport of a great many in the community, arts education has been preserved for our children.

Under the bylaws, the BVEF is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors which includes four ex-officio members (the Superintendent, The President of the Board of Trustees and two teacher representatives) and at least twelve members from the school district community. While the Foundation is independent, we work to communicate and cooperate with the teachers, the district staff, and trustees as we share the goal of ensuring top quality education for all the children of our District.

Our Mission Statement: To raise funds to support and enhance the educational experiences of the students of the Bennett Valley Union School District. The Foundation currently funds the District-wide Art and Music Programs.

Just some benefits of arts education in young lives:
– Art stimulates both sides of the brain
– Multiple studies have shown that kids who make art both read better and also score better in both science and mathematics
– Art promotes self esteem
– Art develops better hand/eye coordination
– Art teaches creative problem solving
– Art promotes team work, creates cultural and historical awareness, and provides affirmation through achievement
– Art nourishes the human soul

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